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Removal of Licence Disqualification

If your Queensland driver’s licence has been disqualified for more than 2 years or absolutely then after 2 years you have an opportunity to apply to the court for your licence to be reinstated.  

The licence reinstatement application must be made:

  • to the Magistrates Court in the area you live if the disqualification order was made by a Magistrates Court;
  • if you are now living outside Queensland, to the Magistrates Court in Brisbane; or
  • to the Supreme or District Court if the disqualification order was made by a Judge of the Supreme or District Court.

In order to apply for a licence reinstatement the court will need extensive affidavit evidence showing clearly why you licence should be returned.  Generally the affidavit would have to address how the lack of licence affects you financially and how it affects your family. The affidavit would also need to address your behaviour after your licence was disqualified and the circumstances of the original offence.  The courts must see that you have changed your attitude towards driving.  We have a range of courses we can organise for you to attend that will help in your application.

You are only entitled to make one application per year and therefore great care must be taken in the application otherwise if the application is refused you will not able to apply again for 12 months.

We are happy to discuss, free of charge, whether you can apply for your licence to be reinstated.  Feel free to contact us by email or phone or visit our prices page to see what we will charge.

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