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Client Testimonials


We have been very blessed to have received so many positive reviews and messages from our clients over the past 10 years.  We work hard to make sure every client is taken care of with skill, compassion and understanding.


Below are just a few of our positive reviews:


I was extremely stressed and nervous about my Court appearance. Once phone call to Clarity Law and my mind was put at ease. Everything was very simple and straight forward, I received an excellent result and have since referred Clarity Law to my friend.

Client - Wynnum Court


The service provided was excellent, all calls and emails were promptly responded to. I did not have to make any appointments or even meet with my Lawyer prior to my Court appearance which makes it so much easier when you work full time. I would recommend Clarity Law to everyone.

Client - Beenleigh Court


I had never needed a lawyer before using Clarity Law. The process was so much easier and straight forward than I could ever have hoped. I was told, in English, the steps needed to be taken and everything I needed was provided to me. Thank you Clarity Law, I will certainly be recommending you.

Client - Bundaberg Court


I received top representation for an amazingly low price! I had called around and found Clarity Law to be over half the price of some other Brisbane Law firms. Very professional and supportive.

Client - Caboolture Court


I have had dealings with Solicitors before and found it extremely frustrating to try and speak with my Lawyer. My calls were always returned by Clarity Law and Steven’s experience showed in his advice and my outcome.

Client -  Brisbane Court


I want to thank Mr Brough and his team for their guidance and promptness in sorting out my matter. I was ecstatic with the outcome and should the need arise I will certainly use you again.

Client - Pine Rivers Court


I just want to say thank you Steven for the outcome today. I know what I did was stupid but getting the minimum disqualification time is really going to help me and my family.

Client - Cleveland Court


I found Steven to be extremely professional and approachable. He knew exactly what he was talking about and this was proved when my Husband’s sentence was handed down. No jail time! We can never thank you enough!

Client - Redcliffe Court


I thought I could not afford legal representation until I found Clarity Law. The prices are so much cheaper than other firms around and the service was incredible. I am so lucky and thankful to have come across them.

Client - Ipswich Court


I hate dealing with Lawyers but found Steven to be down-to-earth and talked to me more like a mate than a lawyer. I could understand what he was talking about and result was great. Now I can put the whole thing behind me. Thanks Steve.

Client - Caboolture Court


What can I say, the result was great and Steven was a delight, I would definitely recommend Clarity Law to anyone.

Client - Sandgate Court


Before I come to Clarity Law I was worried about losing my job but Steven managed to get me a work licence even though I have a bad traffic record. I was so relived and owe it to Clarity Law. Thanks guys.

Client - Toowoomba Court


Clarity Law are the best lawyers I have ever used. It was all so quick and easy. Couldn’t have asked for a better result.

Client - Brisbane Court


I am a taxi driver and was at risk of losing my licence and my job for losing all my points of my licence. Thankfully Steven was able to get me a special hardship licence so I could keep my licence and my job. Pphheeww!

Client - Southport Court


Thankyou so very much Steven, the result was so much better than I expected, huge relief, thankyou

Client - Chinchilla Court


Fantastic result and you and your team were just great, a great weight off my mind, thank you

Client - Stanthorpe Court


Hi Steve,  Thank you very much ,  I was expecting 9 months suspension & up to $1400 fine, the 5 months & $800 fine was a great outcome, considering my History, thanks again

Client - Ipswich Court


I would like to thank you for the service Steven on behalf of Clarity Law has provided, I have given nothing but praise to my friends and peers regarding the outcome of the matter I was faced with.

Client - Southport Court


Hi Steve I  would just like to thank you again for the absolutely sterling outcome at Beenleigh courts yesterday I had resigned myself to a possible 3 to 4 months but the 1 months was outstanding I will definitely be recommending you to people I associate with

Client - Beenleigh Court


Hi Steven and Belinda

I just wanted to send you an email to express my gratitude to the stupendous outcome today.  The ruling laid down from the magistrate of the 1 month suspension and the $250 fine, far outweighed the outcome that we were expecting.

Steven, it was nice to see that after the court appearance you were willing to not only answer the questions that we had but also to share the knowledge that you have gained through training and experience.

Belinda, thank you for keeping us informed with all the information before the day and answering our questions at that point in time.

Between the two of you, you have made this difficult time for myself and my family a lot less stressful.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I really hope that I don’t have to see you again.  J

Client - Ipswich


Dear Steven & Belinda,

I know that I thanked you after the last time you defended Simon in April but this I feel is very different.

People are paid to do a job but sometimes people such as yourselves go above and beyond. I have learnt over the last month that it really doesnt matter if your a good person or if you did something hurt someone or not the law doesnt discriminate and as good a person I believe Simon to be he nearly went to jail today. I could not imagine how our lives would have been impacted if he had of gone to jail. I think we have suffered enough recently.

I believe his eyes have been well and truely opened and he has realised just how much he has going for him and that driving a car is just simply not worth it. In my time I have come across a few lawyers who have been liars and just simply care about how much they can get from you. The experience we have had working with you have been very different.

So from the bottom of our hearts Simon and I would like to again thank you for not only your professionalism but for being kind and understanding. People who do not know Simon would be quick to judge based on his actions but you didnt do this.

Client - Southport


Client - Beaudesert


Dear Steven, Andy and Belinda

We have had a very successful day with the Special Hardship License being granted to Logan this morning.  I would like to thank you for your support throughout this process.

Should we or anyone else we know need the services of a Solicitor we will be only to happy to contact or refer you on.

Thank you once again.

Client - Caboolture


Hi Belinda, just thought I would send you the result from Court yesterday.

 My drivers history was put forward to the court by the prosecutor, later after the judge and prosecutor. Read my references and affidavits, they both agreed I was a fit and proper person to hold a drivers licence.

The judge even extended my driving times, then said to me I was very lucky. About 25 people lost their licence on the day, and I was the only one who received a work licence.

Thank you for your help, I appreciate the work put in, kind regards Wayne

 Client - Maroochydoire

Hi Steven,


Just a quick email to say a  BIG thank you to yourself and Belinda for your time, and representing me in court this morning and previous adjournments.


Sorry for being upset earlier – I think I have a feeling of relief that it’s over and done with now and I can get on with life, with this hiccup.


You have both being an absolute pleasure to deal with under these circumstances. Be rest assured I will be recommending you to anyone who might need a lawyer in future.


Take care and thanks again.

Client - Brisbane


Hi Steve,

 I just wanted to thank you and your team for the positive outcome.

From my family and I I cannot thank you enough.

All the best.

Client - Pine Rivers


much Steve for representing me today at Pine Rivers Courthouse...Im very very happy with todays outcome and I will certainly refer Clarity Law to friends and family for future reference. I was most impressed with the ease in which you made the process of the case flow with complete discretion on my part, meaning that I didnt have to turn up to a lawyers office etc or make appointments to see you...Being able to communicate via text and email took so much pressure off and made it so convenient. Thank you again for all your work.

Client - Pine Rivers


I just wanted to say a big thank you to Steven for help making this horrible ordeal less stressful. He did a great job and I believe I would have received a harsher disqualification period if it was not for him representing me

Client - Caloundra